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We are a technical team player that knows how the world works. We don't have clients; we have partners. Together we make your journey successful.

What we do

We build digital products

We build digital products and concepts together, both in-house or at your business. This is where business and technology meet. We believe that digital technology can make an impact, bringing you closer to your audience than ever before.

Focus area

Android and iOS development

Focus area

Web and front-end development

What we do

We build software teams

The world of software development is changing rapidly, making it a challenging industry to navigate. The right knowledge is essential for success but hard to find at the same time. We provide expertise in a range of technologies to get you started or strengthen your existing team(s).

We look further than just technical knowledge by establishing an inspiring work environment and an efficient way of working. These are some examples of challenges where we can provide an outside-in view.

Software quality

How to avoid a single point of failure?

Improved collaboration

What can we learn from Pair Programming?

Become more efficient

How to eliminate waste?

Continuous improvement

How to do a constructive code review?

Technical knowledge

How to move from Objective-C to Swift?

Way of working

How to apply Test-Driven Development effectively?

Our values

Make an impact

Smart technologies are here to make a positive impact on the world, not to take over the world. Digital brings new opportunities to improve wellbeing and sustainability.

Long-term partnerships

We value long-term collaboration. Working together is more than getting input and generating output. Meaningful collaborations arise from a close and trustworthy relationship.

Digital is not a target

With great power comes great responsibility. Digital technologies are powerful and can be applied everywhere. However, we believe that digital should never be a goal in itself.

Who we are

About Derk Gommers

Building software that makes the world a better place through innovation, together! Derk is an experienced software development and management professional with a passion for quality and user experience.

In 2005, his interest in software development started while he was programming his first web application. He founded his first company three years later, and many projects for local and international businesses followed. The work shifted into mobile apps over the years, based on native and web technologies.

Until late 2017, Derk was leading the development of an iOS application at Philips that involved several Agile development teams across the world. Right now, he is active in the management team of the digital product development organization of Wärtsilä. Here smart technology is applied to improve industry sustainability.

Read more on his LinkedIn profile.

Meet your true digital potential

Are you curious about how digital technologies can benefit your business now and in the future? That makes us curious about you. We are always open to brainstorm sessions.